I love the big city

With nary a plan in sight for the weekend, it is always full, and yet there are many other things on my list i would have liked to do (soccer matches at Reliant, Carolyn Wonderland friday, party saturday, birthday celebration saturday…) but there’s only one of me.

After fixing a friend’s kitchen sink friday afternoon, I started friday with the Ringwald happy hour, which was quite full and I ran into people I hadn’t seen in a while and met some new people.

Kevin, who I saw there, said he was meeting Nunnally at the Gingerman. So, against my better judgment, I headed to the village on a weekend night. Saw Nunnaly there with a friend, but Kevin never showed. Also ran into many friends I hadn’t seen in a while: Heather, Bishr, Clayton & new bride Jenni, and a clan of others.

The I stopped by Catbirds, ran into Stig (who recently went LJ) and Wyndi, both of whom I hadn’t seen in quite a while. Met Sherrie, and she, Stig and I went to Late Night Pie, had a pizza. We taught her to play hearts, played until close at Late Night, then a little in the car, then I finally got home at 4:44.

Then saturday, I met up with Jonas and several of his TFA newbies at bw3 (once again fending off The Village on a weekend night), watched his Patriots beat the Titans (in a close and cold game). Jonas was in the minority there. Side note: Bw3 has Mr. Pibb instead of Dr Pepper and has seven light beers on tap (Coors Light, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Michelob Light, Michelob Ultra, Amstel Light, and St. Arnold Lawnmower). I cannot buy food from such a soulless establishment. Went to the Harp for a while, Dreambreakers playing in tight quarters. Saw some other random people (Shelley/Zoe/Allen Hill) and some I expected to be there (RBA/Ringwalds).Stopped again at Catbirds (really haven’t been there much lately). Saw Mike/Slotec and chatted a bit with him. Also, Wyndi informed me that the back rub I gave her the night before bruised her. I think she bruises easily, but she claims not. Sorry, girl.So, what shall I do today? Yardwork? Housework? Read? Law clerk work? I do not know, but I wish there were enough of me, so I could do them all.