A Rash of Ringwalds Rides the Rail

Well, I roused Sister T on Jan 1, and we went to the CC to ride the rail. Ran into Curtis, then AllenAndrea showed up as did Lenicia w/ Joe & Addie. As we were at the middle of the line, we saw many full trains arrive.

Finally, T and I pushed onto one, so we could get to Herman Park. After getting some food, the rash of ringwalds (Dekan/Carrie/Jen) showed up. We hung out there till 5:30, and things closed down. We finagled a ride back to the CC, and then got another ringwald (Sam), Jim Henkle, and David Beebe to join us for a 59 Diner dinner.

The rash went to pick up their equipment from the rain-shortened NYE gig. T and I watched Nightmare Before Christmas, and of course the accompanying Frankenweenie and Vincent from the DVD.

For having zero plan, it was an excellent day.

I just walked down Main downtown for lunch – people everywhere, crowds on the platforms still. I’m, gonna try the trip to CC for happy hour.