A long day

Too much Jagermeister is bad for the body,… but I get ahead of myself.

I started early sunday at my sister’s opening presents with the nieces and my dad and step-mom and step-sis. Then the two older nieces, dad, and grand-dad went to the Texans game.

After a long saturday, I was more in the mood to hang out with my sister than to do legal work, so I hung out with her and watched the game on TV.

The Continental Club employee party was held starting in the evening in the new bar. Pete and Jack had been mopping and decorating for days, and it looked GREAT! It was so great to see people drinking at the bar and flowing through the space, even without the patio, which will be a great part of it. I can’t wait to get it open.

Everyone loved the bar, it was very satisfying. I heard more than a dozen people say, “this is the best bar i’ve ever been in”. Open, open, open.

And, I like the Jager. I was sipping on one most of the night. Bad idea.

It was also great to surprise Pete with a new electric piano (“one step up” from the last one, which was stolen from the club a few weeks ago). Trey took the lead and went and got it and everyone pitched in to help reimburse him. Pete was overwhelmed.

I must go out for the Holiday bingo tonight, but it’ll be an early one, as I’ll be putting in a super-long day at the lawfirm tomorrow. I’m thinking I’ll take the bus.