Bill White’s victory party

a week ago saturday (election day), there was a small snippit about it in today’s City & State section (full story)

But in a nod to his name and his race — thought to be a liability before he managed to win supporters from Houston’s three main ethnic groups — the campaign cranked up an unlikely song: Wild Cherry’s Play That Funky Music (White Boy).

Andrea Greer was a coordinator of the gathering and lobbied against using this song (I agree with her), but she was outvoted.

The Dec. 6 gala had all the makings of the party of the year. The crowd wore everything from dashikis to feather boas, business suits to baseball caps. The unifying elements were the Bill White-heads — paper hats, of sorts, that mocked White’s bald head.Music was provided by the hip local lounge band The El Orbits, who eschewed the White-heads in favor of Santa hats.