Mac’s & Joe

So, I’m over in the ‘hood that is the Third Ward today. At Mac’s, which is apparently for sale, if anyone wants to get into the beer business in the middle of the ‘hood. I was there to order some kegs, they have good prices and deliver and pick up for super cheap.

I park and get out of my car, and who’s right there,… on his bike…

Yes, Little Joe. So I had to chat with him for a while, always a linguistic challenge. Apparently, he owns a lot right behind the store. He comes in looking for some punch concentrate, some that will last him.

So, later I stop by the Continental to pick up a few things. Pete says, “Do you know why he owns a lot there? Because he burned down his house. That bastard,” he said lovingly, “was in here last night asleep on the back couch with a lit cigarette in his hand.” I was humored. Oh, Little Joe.