Saturday Evening, I was sitting in the skyview bar of the new Hilton Hotel in downtown Houston (24th floor) with Allen Hill. Just musing on the fact that My Sister and nieces were at the Nutcracker ballet earlier in the day. My mom was at a show at the Verison Theater, and I was attending the Bill White Reception in the 4th floor ballroom.

Downtown is once again a happening place.

I ended up at M bar later that night. Interesting for half an hour, but I was happy to leave.

Spent the whole morning and afternoon at the swap-n-bop at the Continental Club in nearby Midtown. Great weather outside (a bit cold, but nice and sunny). Got to show many people the new Charley’s Big Top Lounge. It was interesting to get different people’s reactions. All liked it, but what elements they noticed and commented on was interesting to hear.