Give Thanksing

My family doesn’t have an ingrained Thangsgiving routine, and I like it that way. Every year I spend it with a different family. Often very extended, only knowing one or two people in the family before being there. I really enjoy getting a one day expedition into an extended family chemistry – and there have been some interesting ones. The more interesting come about by waiting to have a plan until one delivers itself to you.

My mom’s in Nashville, she’s often in Big Bend, it’s a travelling vacationing holiday for her and my step-dad. My dad’s at his new place. I got a call and invitation from him on Tuesday to join them, if I cared to. But I already had my plans. This year I’m going with my sister to her inlaw’s ranch. She’s been married 8 years, and I have yet to go there. Her husband is one of 4 siblings, I understand there are several houses at “the ranch”, but I’m really not sure what to expect.

I’m driving up today with her and the three nieces. And back on friday after the UT game. Should be fun and interesting.