I had a nasty flu about two months ago, before the big Houston flu outbreak. Conn had it last week. I had to decide whether to hang out at home with his germs, and take it easy and stay healthy, or go out and avoid the germs and have fun. I, of course, chose the later.

I was also hoping that he had the same, non-mutated strain I had. Then Trey started getting ill yesterday. Being surrounded at work and home.

Then this morning I was feeling the telltale scratch in my throat. Cold or Flu. I went to the Continental, hoping for the best. We were ripping out the back wall and replacing it and hanging new doors. The kinda thinkg that leads to a long day and you have to finish before you leave.

Well, now I’m feeling a bit achy, very scratchy throat, and perhaps a mild fever (unmeasured). Trying to get lots of fluids, taking C and Zinc. I need to cook dinner because I have some food that will go bad, but still an early night. And no work tomorrow.