underrated Oklahoma

“Oklahoma may well be the most underrated team in America after the Sooners won their 10th in a row Saturday, treating the Texas Aggies to the death of a thousand cuts 77-0.”Mickey Herskowitz

Yes, Oklahoma – voted unanimously number one in both the Associated Press and the USA Today polls – is underrated. Because there is likely someone somewhere that thinks there is a team that can beat them this year. They are wrong.

I am, of course, really just upset that OU beat Texas’ record for biggest whipping administered to A&M (48-0, 1898), allowing A&M 54 total yards and never out of their own side of the field in their 77-0 demolition.

Texas may well be the second best team in the Big XII this year, but that’s not going to keep them from sitting at home and watching the Big XII Championship. Likely to be yet another rout by the Sooners.