‘Nother Friday

Well, what was an I-guess-I’ll-make-it-an-early-night turned into a late night of club hopping.

I started at the Continental Club for the Light Rock Express happy hour. Molly & the Ringwalds picked up a private gig, so they were the stand-ins. It was fun to watch peoples’ reactions as they came in. I think they should do a tour of Holiday Inns in the 713 and 281.

Before I left the CC, I listened to a bit of The El Orbit’s new Holiday Album (cover art by Beans Barton). It’s a fun and good CD. Many family members can expect it for Xmas. Pete said it’s the second full-length Christmas CD he’s recorded. We were wondering how many musicians had done that. (Someone do the research for me).

I then headed over to Rudyard’s for the Starr Project performances. Many local musicians names were thrown into a hat, and random bands were formed, they were given rehearsal space for 30 days, and then played this gig. I thought #3 was best, and did a good job of showcasing different people in the band. #1 gets honorable mention for their “rock opera” and for tossing (spray pained) t-shirts after their set. After talking with a few people, it was as I suspected. Some had personality conflict issues. Some found one person they really liked working with. Some couldn’t find any musical common ground. Good idea, though.

After that, I went over to Mary Jane’s Club Fat Cat Bon Ton Room. There was a way, way, way too loud japanese jam band finishing up. Why, oh why do you put two full stacks on the stage in such a small place?! Despite that, they were a ok. They did have a short melodic interlude before heading back to the head-exploding loudness, which reminded me of earlier Smashing Pumpkins. Add more of that and turn down the amps.

(Aside: The amplifier’s fatal flaw in a gig: the volume knob. Most of them are loud enough to themselves fill a room, but they’re in control of the musician. The volume should be controllable by the sound guy. I’ve been to so many shows that the sound guy had to turn up 4 things because he couldn’t turn down the one guy’s amp. You’re constantly at the mercy of the most deaf or most suppressed headbanger in the band. The only way to counter it is an early and thorough sound-check, which is a rarity.
And to compound that problem, some sound guys like it too loud (because they are going deaf.)

So, having re-met-up with friends who left after Starr band #1, and the music being over, we headed to La Carafe about 1:15 for a final beer and the actual ability to converse. Chatted in the upstairs, closed the bar down.

Not to be daunted by the fact that all bars were closing, we went to Late Night Pie. The relatively new pizza place in Midtown, on the very awkward corner of Bagby & Elgin. The place is quite busy at 3 a.m., and it’s the first time i’ve been in there in the “late night”. We pumped the jukebox with dollars, ordered a large, and I had to chat and eat pizza with 4 lovely girls until 3:30 a.m. Life doesn’t suck.

So, I finally headed home for some well deserved rest. Knowing full well that the UT game isn’t until 6 p.m., I still couldn’t manage to sleep past 11. Harumph.