random weekend

after installing awnings at the CC, it ended up that Steve W is getting married in a week, so there was a bachelor party…

We started at Brenner’s (edit: Brennen’s) Steak House.  Had a large table outside under the gazebo.  Totally nice night.  Very excellent.  Bob S. had preordered the wine, which was an amazing Cab – which I of course now totally forget the name of.  It had to be special ordered, and our wine waitress was highly impressed by our choice (we gave her a small glass).

The food was AMAZING.  Bob ordered a bunch of appetizers and side orders that were placed all over the table.  The crab cake was AMAZING.  I also had – lobster bisque, fillet mignon, and asparagus.  Stuffed my face, was totally satisfied.

Went back to the top suite in the old Red Lion Inn, someone knew the people who bought it off them and we got the room for a song.  Most the guys went down to Treasures for a while, I stayed in the room with a few others.  We ended up there till 5 a.m. or somesuch.

My car’s still at the CC. Must pick it up today.