teaching job update

last week, monday, i was planning on calling a bunch of schools, but first i checked the web site, and Lee HS was listed.  i called them, the answerer asked around, yes, there’s a math job open, fax your resumé over, i did.  i also applied online.

i called friend Jonas, who knows said principal of said school, he called, got the machine, left a message.

the next day the listing went off the “open” status, sure sign they already had an applicant and were just posting it for requirement reasons.

i didn’t hear anything; Jonas didn’t hear anything, the week passed,

this monday i got home from slaving at the CC (which i enjoy), and there was a message from Lee, call us, set up a time to inteview, tuesday i did, for wednesday, went today,

went well, i think, i like them, i think they like me, they invited me to call and sit in on the class (replacing a very ill teacher), i like the school, after i get back from long weekend of work i’ll call them and ask to sit in.

apparently there’s a hiring freeze causing them problems,

think good thoughts,