crazy weekend

I wanted to go to the UT v Rice @ Reliant Stadium, but the seats were like $60. (I found later that Reliant paid Rice $2,000,000 to move it there from Rice Stadium – where we usually got end zone seats for $10.  50,000 x $40 will pay that off.)

But,… the Austin City Limits Festival had an amazing lineup for the whole weekend, and cost even less.

But,… I am the Sweep Crew Manager for the Lone Star Ride against AIDS, which is next weekend.  I really needed to ride the route before hand (it’s changed bit), and other events had delayed me from doing so.  So, with a thursday night crew manager meeting I figured I’d spend the weekend in Dallas.

But,… my step-grandmother died, so I needed to attend the serviced Sat and Sun in Clear Lake.

So,… I rode the whole route (7 hours in the car) on Friday. Went to the Rangers game that night with friends in from Chicago. Drove back to Houston on Sat morning. Showered and went to Clear Lake.

Then,… since I was down there, to a going away party for Hackster Bob on Tiki Island. He’s shipping off to Kuwait/Iraq for KellogBrownAndRoot to build a power plant. Sounds like guerrilla fodder to me. Hope he’s fine.

Back from Tiki to Clear Lake, then home sunday night. Long weekend.

Topping it, I smashed my left index finger with a hammer today. It’s my second best typing finger, too. It feels like an overripe grape.