Voting: Do It, and Vote NO

We (in Texas) have an off-cycle election Saturday.

22 Texas Constitutional amendments.

My Theory on Amendments. Vote NO.  Unless you’ve heard a lot of reasoned debate of the issue and agree to the yes vote, vote NO.  The Texas constitution is ridiculous. Why else would be be voting on 22 issues (only three you’ve likely heard of IF you’ve been paying attention).

This time particularly, vote NO on 12.  It’s horribly worded and will do ill if passed. The only others I’ve heard discussed were 6 and 16, and they couldn’t reasonably explain what they mean.   (They are both about reverse mortgages, which are already legal in Texas, but they “add something special”) The discussion I heard about them was unintelligible (and I’m a smart guy).   So, vote NO.

If you haven’t figured my opinion yet,

Vote NO

(and then get on with your saturday)