Alive Again

so after a week of forced horizontalness from icky sickness, i actualy went to pseudo work (Continental Club) today, and then after a large fast food (ick) dinner, and hot shower briefly crashed out while listening to NPR ATC/Marketplace,

got an odd call from a friend, down the street with many others, casualing at Onion Creek, walked down intending to have 2 beers and go home, i was very sensitive to the smoke (still recovering) even outside as we were.  of course chatted up with friends for five hours (so i had 4 beers) and then walked back home, sleep soon,

re: Continental Club – all the windows have been tinted, you cannot see in (mostly) during daylight or at night (‘cept for some bright lights (neon) at night), took all the bars out of the windows (briefly) and replaced them, so we finally got to the window box at the front of the club, it’s been in sad state for three years, we actually put a front on it and painted the front, and sanded and putty’d the surface, soon to be eurythaned

also, the exterior of the building was pressure washed last week, first time since,… it was built likely, the back especially looks good, but the brick front looks nicer, as well.