Uuugh, 2+ days of flu with 101º F at times is not fun.  No appetite.  Weak.  Sweaty.  Changing into dry clothes all the time.  Ick.  But the worst is my brain is no tired.  I’ve been laying prone listening to radio and tv for most of the last 24 hours – some cat naps.  It only leaves my brain to idle.  The Bush Administration doesn’t want my mind to idle, they need to make sure i get barely employed with no time to think.

I’m dreading the Bush address tonight, and I have too many comments about the morning political news shows to mention here.  One I will…

Condoleeza Rice has bothered me for a while.  I haven’t been able to figure it out till now.  I really like her when she is talking about non-political issues (she’s a big football fan for one), but when she’s being an administration spokesperson, something about her demeanor bothers me.  It’s almost like I’m watching a prisoner of war speaking from captivity.  Today I picked out the key issue.

When someone asks her a question, that’s definitely a toughie, and there is usually contention among the cognoscenti about the truth behind it, she raises her voice and is adamant in her tone, but… she shakes her head no.  It appears almost involuntary.  I’m surprised the press office hasn’t noticed it and coached her on it.  Today it was “absolutely” during the head shake.   I don’t recall the question.