Baseball Robbery

I went to the Astros game tonight with Raymond. A buddy of his showed up and joined us with his new fiancé. It was a bit awkward when I already knew her. Anyway…

Bottom of the 8th, down by two, two outs, one on, Berkman comes up.  The Dodgers pull their set up man to let Gagne come in.  He’s got an amazing streak of saves that’s only a few short of a record (and his pitching in the 9th was impressive).  Berkman smacks the ball out of the ball park, almost dead away center.  Problem is, the damn center fielder chases it down.  All the way up Tal’s Hill, glove over the fence.  Inning over.  The place was dead quiet.  It was an amazing catch, kept the game from being tied and possibly saved a record streak alive.  I’m sure they’re running it over and over on ESPN, which I never watch.

People around me were grousing about Tal’s Hill, but I love the hill and think it was a great catch.  Just happened to the wrong guys.  Berkman had several good catches himself tonight.