Tuesday night out

Last night I first went to Rodney Crowell’s CD release party at the Continental.  The Chronicle had a huge photo and front page story in the Houston section.  Likely over 200 people there.  Huge variety of fans.  Many hadn’t been to the CC before.  It was a great show.  This was the band’s first gig together, but it was tight.  Everyone enjoyed.

Then I made my way to Walter’s Ice House on Washington to see Tub Ring from Chicago.  I hung out most of Sunday with a few friends and the guitarist from this band.  Very nice guy.  Apparently Walter’s got a sound violation recently and the show almost didn’t go on.  There was a cop there when I showed up, but he wasn’t sure it was there that was the loudest (Mary Jane’s across the street sounded louder, and Silky’s was issuing noise as well.)  The Walters parking lot had more people in it than the inside because the band that was on was INSANELY loud.  There was absolutely no reason to be using half of the volume issuing from their stacks.

Tub Ring was definitely eclectic and punkish.  With one under-ager appearing to be Chris Farley trying to slam dance with himself.  The band was very animated including the keyboardist who both jumped on and slammed the keyboards against himself.  Entertaining, if poorly attended.