Lunch with Nelwyn & Marsha

Today I had lunch with two cousins (my dad’s cousin’s, their mom’s are twins – so they’re kinda like aunts).  We ate at Saltgrass Steakhouse.  I got there a bit early, 11:15, and waited for them, by 11:30 there was a parade of people, most driving oversized cars like wildmen, all (except for one 95 year old looking man) had exceptional guts.  I’m a bit over weight, but these guys had guts (and they weren’t having a special lunch with their aunts).  But, I guess that’s the definition of someone who eats at a steakhouse for lunch (apparently, regularly): overweight.

So, it was a good time, and good to see them, and Nelwyn (runs a employment agency) wants to get me a job if I don’t land a teaching gig.

Since I was already out on the interminable I-10, I stopped by Academy and REI.  Tried not to spend any money I don’t have, but got some $2.50 water slippers and a golf disc – long range driver which i needed.  Looked at the work boots (which i need), but the cheap ones didn’t have the size i needed.  There were also some cheap clothes and a long poled net that i’d like (to use while kayaking).  REI was just too upscale for my current financial situation.

Stopped by the local hardware store, got the fixtures i needed to put up a new (used, from Mom & Dick) ceiling fan in the living room.  Needed a powerful saws-all, so went up to the Continental (where i’ve been working, and everyone’s out today) to borrow one.  It made quick work of the hole i needed.   (Had to touch a hot blade and get a nice burn – quickly soothed by my aloe plant, every bachelor needs one.)  It was a bit tight working up there, but I got it all attached and now have a smooth turning fan blowing nicely evaporative air, so I can not crank the A/C so much.

Still need to fix one of the wheels that busted off a rolling cabinet chopping block that Mom & Dick gave me as well.  I think it’ll be the new liquor cabinet and I can get rid of the older one which takes up more room and is less functional.  I’ll have to brainstorm on how to workaround broken wood, though.

Also, I’m a bit sore today from pushing my reel mower through my shag lawn yesterday.