No Job for Bill,… yet

So, last Sunday I returned home to have a message on my machine that Reagan High School was interviewing for a Math teacher.  I went to bed, got up, showered, gave them a call, they asked if I could come in in 45 minutes.  I did.  The interview went ok, but not great.

Reagan is less than a mile from my house and would be great because of that.  Carlos Hernandez, who I interviewed with (with Bill ? and Julie ?) I liked.  But when I met the principal some time ago I got some weird vibes.  Though I would have loved to work that close, I was somewhat apathetic as to the outcome – several weeks ago I interviewed with Furr and the principal loved me and I liked her, but she didn’t have any jobs.  Reagan called back on saturday to let me know they offered the job to another candidate.

So, now there’s a job fair in a few weeks, I guess I’ll go there for the last minute hiring blitz – I hope it’s not as much of a crazy scene as it was last time.