Frenetic Day


So, thursday night, I was up till midnight or so,
then a bit before 5 a.m. it became apparent i wasn’t going to be sleeping,
so i got up,
got the paper,
needed Dr Pepper,
walked (one block) to the Save Store
(for the first time in my eight year residence, i found out they’re not open at 5 a.m.)
walked the other direction to the Diamond Shamrock,
got 2 liters Dr Pepper,
morning is good,

about 7 a.m. laid down in bed listening to NPR,
stared at my eyelids till 8 a.m.

went to the Continental Club,
put in half a deck, and the wall bar rail, and planned the risers for the booths, and generally moved and cleaned, (for the new club)
worked late,
got home and showered (missed my niece’s pool party),
went to my sister’s house,
ate cake,
ate salad,
ate a sandwich,
watched Avery eat cheese,
watched Madeleine open presents,
watched Merritt open left over presents,
opened early presents (wrapped by the girls)

went to Catbirds,
chatted with friends about to leave for Las Vegas,
went to Leon’s Lounge,
saw the Dazzling Pete Gray Show, went from 2 regulars to 20 people,
we need this place to buzz,
it’s great,
it’s old,
it’s Houston,
I hope it doesn’t die,

saw Robin and Anna, who’d gathered some guys at the Continental,
while waiting for me,
and I never showed,

watched Pete,
people enjoyed themselves,

hung afterwards,
brainstorming with the Scarlett and Pete,
about things,
to do,
to get this place buzzing,

3 a.m.
need to be back, back-breaking at 9 a.m.,
but somehow i think i’ll enjoy it,