HISD Job Fair

Last friday I went to the HISD Job fair. It was a mad house. If you want confirmation that the economy sucks, showing up there would provide you with it. First, the room was too small and the tables too close.

There are 5 schools with 9 HS math positions open. I know there to be 10-20 people looking to fill those. Reagan, which I wanted, does not have one open. The most interesting that do are Milby and Wheatley. There is one school with 5 openings (which makes one wonder). It is, of course, the one which would be the worst commute for me. Westside directly out the I-10 freeway from me. It is a relatively new school, but the commute would be daunting.

There should be callbacks this week from Milby and/or Wheatly, if they’re interested.