So ACP is going along. I went to Reagan HS to check into a job and talked to one of the assistant principals. He’s not sure of next year because the school is getting smaller (and loosing some teachers). 45 days before the new school year the teachers have to confirm to him they will be back. From the unstated, I assume they have not already done so. So around July 4 is when that should happen.

I’m Math 8-12, so I can teach Junior High level, but only 8th grade.

I’ve been thinking about trying a local Junior High, because closeness is my major seller. Hogg is the closest (4 blocks) and I found out today that will be my IFE (Integrated Field Experience) school next week. It’s like a one week student teaching mission. The first two days will just be observational. So, I guess I’ll get a chance to talk to the administration over there next week. Also, that Friday there’s an HISD job fair.

I got a letter from the TExES testing people, two actually. Dated the same day. One is the ticket to the only test I registered for, the other says that one of my requested tests is not available at the requested time. Glad to know the testers are ship shape [sarcasm].

Today we learned/studied “classroom management”. It will definitely be the biggest variable for me.

One of the more humorous items from today. The 4 stages of teaching, of which all teachers go through the first two at least. Unfortunately, some are still there 20 or more years later.

Fantasy – all the kids will be prompt, and ready to learn, and congenial
Survival – sit down and do this worksheet, i don’t want to hear a word, i’ll be at my desk
Mastery – finally figure out how to herd the kittens
Impact – herding the kittens well, actually gets them to market (i.e. the kids are learning at a high level)

Had a few beers afterward with a nice girl doing Eng 8-12 at the Alabama Ice House. She was bright (UT, of course 😉 and very fun to talk to. Spent some interesting time in Spain.