bad mojo, good mojo

OK, so it’s been a weird mojo day.
I officially got into the ACP for HISD, but the day before…

My roommate’s (Conn’s) car was totalled, while parked outside his place of work (Catbirds) and two others were damaged.  But the hit and runner had no luck, because someone had just had a 2×4 tossed through their window around the corner, so the HPD went and soon got the guy, who’s 30th birthday it was (and whose friend obviously suck for getting him drunk and not driving him home).  Previously that day (around noon), at the construction site across the street, the crane dropped a load, killing one (near bottom) and seriously injuring another.

So,… i dropped Conn of at work around 4pm.  After 6, being happy about the resolution of the ACP, I headed back to the happy hour scene.  Fairly slow.  Then, John Henry and Nicole stepped in.  I mentioned the ACP to them, Nicole is working on GoHeights, funded by HISD and knows the pricipal of Reagan, the closest high school to me.

Earlier that day my mother had told me that Jerry Workman, an old friend of the family, who lives near me, knew some people “in the schools”.  After talking to Nicole, I asked her if she knew Jerry.  She said… “Jerry, of course, she makes it all happen.  She knows everyone.”  So I’m thinking maybe I can line up a job there.   Which would be ideal. (less than a mile).

So, then I exit Catbirds, and head to the Rhythm Room to see the James/Reese Project.  A friend of mine drums with them.  I see him before the show.  I mention my plans.  He says “Reagan”, you have to work there.  ‘Cause it’s his neighborhood too.

Such good mojo today, after yesterday was such a bad mojo day.   The only bad mojo i directly experienced was the 11-1 loss by the ‘Stros.  (Julio Lugo was arrested after the game for domestic abuse immediately before the game – yet more bad mojo on Apr 30)

the winds of change are in the air,