Accepted to ACP

I went in for my Alternative Certification Program interview for HISD. It was interesting, the interviewer was quite nice, I totally forget her name (yes, I’m horrible with names). The process was interesting as well. A pat list of questions designed by Gallup mostly judging personality type and interpersonal skills. And after it was over… I “passed”.

So, I start the ACP cycle in a few weeks (May 12), and do TTH evening, Sat mornings for about 6 weeks and one week full time observing another teacher (Integrated Field Experience). And several tests to make sure “No Child Gets Left Behind” because I can’t speak a simple sentence. We need a test to determine that – acing the TASP can’t be trusted.

“This doesn’t guarantee you a job” is placed in many places of their paperwork, but the requirements for 8-12 Math are fairly high and they are always in need. (I heard there could be an opening at the HS closest to me – 16 minute walk.)

If it all comes about, I should be able to have a paycheck again by late August, only 2 years 5 months of unemployment.