pre SXSW: Bob Log III

So, after attending a friend’s b-day party, I stopped by my regular haunt. Ran into a few people, one asked if I read the story in the Press, I hadn’t. He mentioned “breast” and “scotch”, I didn’t pay much attention. After one I decided to head home and past Rudyard’s, there seemed to be quite a crowd, so I stopped.

I ordered the new seasonal, St. Arnold Bock, a very excellent beer. Talked with a few people at the bar, including coincidentally, the guy i’d spoken with at the last bar. Ascertained the cover to get up stairs, and headed there.

I was only there in time to see the last band, 12:30 or some such. I was under the impression that the bands that night were an SXSW overflow, but after checking it out it seems he’ll be in FLA next week. It was excellent, none the less.

So, I step into the den… Bob Log III, is a one man band. Until it came time to introduce the band, at which point I realized that Left Foot played the bass drum, Right Foot played the symbol, Left Hand played the slide guitar, and Right Hand hit the strings.

Helmet, the phone attached to it, and the (minimal) drum machine, didn’t warrant a mention as band members, but they did their jobs.

The web site will make much clear to you, but let it be known that Bob Log is one really fun show, a very good guitar player (in the slide bluesy theme) and something you should try to see.

After the show was done, the juxtaposition of “breast” and “scotch” made so much sense. And now I’m a little thirsty.